Unlike the jormungandr implementation we have used during the Incentivized Testnet, the current Shelley ledger does not support partial delegation (one address partially delegated to multiple staking pools) out of the box.

There has been a long talk about multi delegation support for Cardano, mostly because it has become one of the early blockers preventing the change of the k parameter. This parameter determines the saturation point of a staking pool and therefore regulates the desired number of pools within the network. The problem is mostly for large stake holders, such as IOG or Emurgo. …

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Stakenuts staking pool

As you might have already heard, Cardano shelley testnet is entering its second phase, where the communication between nodes is now possible. If you would like to join us in testing, in this guide we will show you how to delegate your funds to our staking pool.

Start your own node

As the first step, we are going to start your own node and join the network. Follow this guide that you have probably already seen, we need to install jormungandr version 0.5.2 or latest in order to join the network — this is important. Once this is done, create a new node.yaml

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Unstable version of Jormungandr being installed from the binary cache

If you are participating in testing of Jormungandr, the Cardano Shelley blockchain node, and are eager to have a look at each new exciting feature or bug fix that lands in the Jormungandr’s repository and don’t want to wait several days for a stable release to appear — this guide is for you.

We are maintaining a nightly (well, read as the latest we are able to compile) build of packages and we would like to share it with you. Before starting, please note this is a very experimental code outside of the stable release and should never be used for anything production. …

This short article documents how to setup and run your Cardano Shelley testnet on a Raspberry PI 3 using NixOS.

Please note this is not officially support nor endorsed by IOHK, this documentation is just a community effort and given how quickly the development is progressing, it might be outdated pretty soon. It applies for the Jormungandr release 0.3.

Follow me for more such articles in the future.

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Jormungandr service running on NixOS aarch64.

It is also worth noting, that this is very probably not going a production solution to run a real staking pool, but it’s nevertheless a fun way to learn more about the project. …


Stake Nuts

Cardano staking pool • https://stakenuts.com/

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